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ISART DIGITAL Game Week 2019

Grand Prize winner


Best degree of polish winner

What is NEON ? 

NEON is an endless runner where you can deflect everything  on your way.

Deflecting earns you points and charges your fever bar. Once your fever bar is full you are invincible, you deflect everything on your way and you earn a lot of points.

Can you deflect enough things to enter the fever mode ? 

NEON Development

NEON was made in 5 days with a team of 8 people at the Isart DIGITAL Game Week 2019.

I'm glad to present you the team : 

Game Artists : 

Sound Designer : 

  • Doublier Emmanuel

Game Designer : 

Gameplay Programmers :

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorsBaptiste, az-steak
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, cars, Endless, Futuristic, Game Jam, Hack and Slash, Neon, Runner, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial


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Really nicelly done. It was fun!


Went hands on with your game, absolutely loved it. So rad. Looking forward to future games/concepts you come up with. 

Thank you, appreciate it!


It's amazing how different the game is once you get the hang of it. My initial reaction was to avoid obstacles, but figuring fever out basically multiplies your score.


Yes deflecting is important to gain score. It is interesting to see how you figured it out. Great video, thank you!


Le jeu est vraiment magnifique et super plaisant à jouer, j'adore ce style qui permet de passer le temps, c'est super adicitif (bonne idée de télécharger ce jeu pendant les révisions du bac mdr). Voici mon meilleur score pour le moment :

(1 edit)

Merci pour ton commentaire c'est sympa, pas mal le score ! 


It's bright, it's fast paced, and it's chaotic. There's nothing I don't like about Neon. I had no clue what was going on half the time, but I certainly had fun doing it, and can see how it gained the awards noted in the description. This has a lot of potential for growth.

Good job, devs.

Thank you for your comment and your video, really appreciate it :)


Love the style of this game so far!  The Q/D thing instead of A/D tripped me up a bit, but I got the hang of it.  Great job guys :) 


Really nice video, that was an awesome feedback! You can change the Q key in the launcher settings. That was a local game jam so we didn't planned qwerty keyboards. However, we keep that in mind for the next update :)

PS : You can't deflect red cars ;)


Bon les gars, je pense que vous le savez déjà, mais vous avez vraiment un super jeu! J'ai bien sûr eu des souvenirs de Temple Run mais j'adore votre idée de Néon Ninja. Super boulot! 

Avez-vous penser à vous inscrire à la GDWC ? La compétition est gratuite, notre mission est de récompenser la communauté des développeurs indépendants! Faites un tour site notre page Itch.io pour plus d'infos ;) 

Merci pour ces mots toute l'équipe apprécie ! Je ne connaissais pas la GDWC, ça à l'air intéressant, on va se renseigner merci pour l'info ;)


STOP SPAMMING! I'm sick of your crappy website spammed all over itch.io. Calling it the "Game Dev World Championships" is just a pathetic way of trying to give it some legitimacy. It's trash. It's spam and you're a spammer. Please stop.

This seems pretty cool!
Did you try to run it on linux?

Hi! Didn't try it, for the moment it's only on windows, sorry


Prepare to have your senses overwhelmed and your reflexes tested by 'Neon'; an endless runner which will have you dodging, weaving and smashing into cars when you least expect it!

I thoroughly enjoyed this Itch Dot Io indie! I came across a couple of bugs when reviewing the game but the rapid restarts allow you to quickly get back into the flow.

For me though there's no better way to spend a couple of hours than running hacking and slashing your way through this beautiful cyberpunk city landscape.


Hi, thank you so much for the feedback and the patience you had during your video! The bugs you encountered are now fixed :) 


Congrats on the degree from Poland, I heard those are hard to get.

ba dum tis


This was a hell of a lot of fun and I see why it won an award for the degree of polish in the amount of time you had. Really well done!


Thank you so much for your feeback and your video! I'm glad you liked it!